The Bimah (Hebr. dais) is the central part of a synagogue, usually in the form of a platform, from which excerpts from the Torah and prophetic books are read aloud. It is the remaining part of the oldest brick synagogue in Tarnów, built after 1661. It is believed that originally a wooden construction existed there, which was later replaced by a brick building, not as flammable as the previous one. Between four pillars there is a ceiling with some fragments of stucco decoration visible from below. The Old Synagogue, as other houses of prayer congregations, was burnt by the Nazis on November 9, 1939 and its remains, not destroyed by the fire, were taken to pieces a few months later. In 1987 the Bimah was covered with a roof. From 1996 it is a performance place of many artists participating in the Galician Jews Memorial Days organized by the Jewish Culture Monuments Protection Committee.