Building of Safa Berura Association

Thanks to the efforts of  The Public and High School Jewish Society Safa Berura (Pure Language), existing from the beginning of the 20th century, a public school was established in 1923 and a private coeducational gymnasium was set in 1927. The gymnasium had a great library with a few thousands of volumes and highly educated teachers, who, with some exceptions, had full academic and pedagogical qualifications. The Jewish gymnasium had a Zionistic profile, thus the students were prepared to take part in Israel’s reconstruction. Apart from that, the school, as other similar institutions, provided the learners with general secondary education, including Hebrew, elements of ethics and Jewish history. Polish was a lecturing language, however the issues of Judaism were taught in Hebrew. The Nazi authorities decided to close the school in 1939. In the last year it was attended by 243 students. After the war the building was used as an interschool dormitory.