Goldhammer Street

The street, which at the end of the 19th century was the centre of Jewish social life, commemorates dr Elias Goldhammer, an attorney and Tarnów’s vice-mayor between 1906 and 1911. In appreciation of his public service the Town Council named former Zdrojowa Street after the great Jewish citizen.  In house No. 1, on the first floor, the last prayer house under custody of the last Jew – Abraham Ladner, was located. House No. 3, erected in 1904, at present occupied by the city authorities, was originally Herman Soldinger’s hotel. During the German occupation it was changed into a hotel for German soldiers, and after the war it was adapted to the first prayer house. Former Jewish Credit Society was located on the opposite side of Warynskiego Street, in eclectic house No. 5, built in 1890. The two commemorating plaques preserved in a hall are dedicated to Herman Mertz, a member of the Town Council, and Elias Goldhammer. Opposite, on a facade of house No. 6, there are Polish and Yiddish inscriptions advertising restaurant menu preserved.