The New (Jubilee) Synagogue

Neighborhood of Nowa and Warynski Streets was filled with institutions ensuring proper functioning of the Jewish community. The western corner of Nowa Street was occupied by Kehilla building, that is the Israeli community, and adjacent prayer house of Debora Menkes (Weksler) – the benefactor of the Jewish community and founder of the Jewish hospital. In the eastern corner of Nowa Street, at the crossing with Warynskiego Street, the greatest of the city’s synagogues – New (Jubilee) Synagogue was located. It had been constructed for 60 years before it was opened on 18 August 1908 – the day Emperor Francis Joseph’s birthday was celebrated – hence the name Jubilee. Its original shape and the golden dome rising above the town were pride of Tarnów Jews. But the Germans set the synagogue on fire on November 9, 1939. It was burning for three days and a few months later the remains were blown up. In September 1993, due to the Jewish Culture Monuments Protection Committee’s initiative, a commemoration plaque was placed in the front wall of a tenement house which replaced the synagogue.