Ruins of the Tarnowski Family Castle

Spicymir Leliwita started to build the castle in 1329. In 1331 the castle’s chapel was consecrated. At first, it was probably a building of stone and brick with a large tower of, so called, ultimate defense, a small residential area, the chapel and a surrounding wall with a gate. It was located on the northern side of St Martin’s Mountain and moated on the southern side. These are now hardly visible outlines of the basement – a part of the eastern, so called, high castle. In 1441 the castle was conquered and burnt by the Hungarians. It was rebuilt by Jan Amor Tarnowski in the second half of the 15th century and later Jan Tarnowski adopted the castle as his residence. He surrounded it with modern at that time bastioned fortifications, of which well-preserved is an arsenal with some columns and vaulting remains, situated on the eastern side. The castle had its own library, armoury, treasury and a family museum. On the western, farming part of the castle there was a bakery, a brewery, a zoo and some garners. After the death of hetman’s daughter – Zofia, a wife of duke Konstanty Ostrogski – the two families of Tarnowski and Ostrogski fought for the castle. During the night of 17 and 18 April 1570 the castle was conquered and looted. From that time it no longer was a grand residence. In 1723 the Sanguszko family – castle’s suzerainty at that time, moved to a mansion in Gumniska. Finally, the castle was deserted and fell into decline.