The Mikolajowski Family House

Jan Mikołajowski and his wife Barbara came from Mikołajowice – a village near Tarnów. In 1527 they donated the tenement house to collegiate vicars. In 1547 the college, with a permission from the chapter, exchanged the house with the college cantor Marcin Blady for a tenement-house called Zamek (Castle) or Jurkow. In the 18th century it became a residence of the provost of Academic Colony (Akademiola) which operated in Tarnów from 1756. In 1791 the house was taken by Austrian authorities for the Religious Fund and then passed to the Gymnasium. In 1930 the District Medical Center and the Hygiene Museum were located in the house. After the WWII it was used by the Diocesan Museum and in the years between 1947 and 1949 the building was renovated and adjusted to the exhibition purposes. Above the stone portal of the entrance door, on the right, there is a built-in Griffin coat of arms with many ornaments. There is also a date written in Arabic and Roman – year 1524, and below a Latin inscription: Fundatio Domus per Johannem Mikołayowski (The House Built by Jan Mikołajowski). The same date, name and coat of arms appear also on a stone portal inside the house.