Town Hall

The structure is first mentioned in 1448 documents.

It was given its present form at the end of the 16th c. when it was crowned with an attic decorated with portraits of the members of the Tarnowski family – from Spycimir to Jan Krzysztof (died in 1567) – filling all 28 niches. The attic is topped with pinnacles, volutes and 14 masks which symbolize the number of newly elected and retiring councilors. Corbelled lookout tower is covered with a conical roof topped with Pogoń Litewska – coat of arms of the Sanguszko Dukes, which at the turn of the 18th c. replaced Leliwa, the Tarnowski family coat of arms. The only preserved piece of Gothic architecture is ogival brick portal at the ground floor, presumably entrance to the original building.

Today the Town Hall is a branch of Tarnów Regional Museum and houses collections of Polish Sarmatian Portraits, pieces of military equipment from the Podhorce castle, chinaware and silverware.