The Sekler Gate

The Sekler Gate of Józef Bem and Sándor Petőfi is a gift of the Hungarian Irott Szo Foundation and the city of Sepsiszentgyőrgy for Tarnów. It was unveiled on 26 May 2001 to commemorate 170th anniversary of the Ostrołęka battle – one of the battles of the November Insurrection in Poland, in which General Bem participated. The term Sekler (siculi) means, at the same time, people, nation and a mission of protecting the south-eastern borders of the Kingdom of Hungary. The medieval autonomy of Seklers and their military democracy were unique and similar organizations did not appear in the feudal Europe. Carved Sekler gates substantiate an unusual folk consciousness. The tradition and hospitality of the Seklers keep the gate permanently open for both the happy and unhappy. Similarly open are the Seklers’ philanthropic hearts, which is expressed by the inscription saying: “Peace to those who enter, blessing to those who exit”.