Jan Szczepanik House on Szopena street

Designed by Franciszek Hackbeil, Jr. and built by Szczepanik’s father-in-law in 1912. A cupola turret at a corner draws attention. A side wall of the house is decorated with Zygmunt Dzikowski’s monogram. Originally, the monograms were also mounted at an iron entrance gate. The Szczepanik moved into this house in 1915, after the battles of the Eastern Front moved towards the Russian territory. In 1916, German designers paid the inventor a visit to discuss technical issues of using Szczepanik’s technology to weave imposing tapestry praising historical victories of the German nation. At the same time Szczepanik experimented with motion pictures technology. By the end of the WWI he has managed to complete several prototypes of television cameras and successfully recorded color pictures. His first movie documented abdomen surgery at Langbeck Virchov hospital. It was an outstanding success although realism of the presented scenes made several spectators pass out. In 1972 members of  The Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Ziemi Tarnowskiej (Tarnów Region Lovers Society) founded a commemorative plaque.