Jan Szczepanik School

9 Brodzińskiego Street, an Art Nouveau structure built by Leon Schwanenfeld in 1903 is the headquarters of Jan Szczepanik School. ‚The bobbins‘, as the school is commonly referred to (it’s been the only tailoring trade school in Tarnów) occupy the adjacent house at 8 Goldhammera Street, adapted for a dormitory. The school was given Jan Szczepanik’s name at the 70th anniversary of its establishment. The school is also the home of Jan Szczepanik Foundation which focuses on maintaining his legacy. In 2006 at an adjacent Henryk Sienkiewicz Square, Maria Zboińska, daughter of Jan Szczepanik, unveiled his bust. The figure was sculpted by Michał Poręba and cast by Ryszard Jachna. Thorough reconstruction of 2011 gave the square shape of a memorial to the great inventor. The sculpture is now more visible and information on Jan Szczepanik’s life and inventions complete the setting.