Jan Szczepanik’s Grave

Jan Szczepanik was born on the June 13, 1872 in Rudniki near Mościska. Szczepanik begun his educational career as a teacher. In 1896 he left his teaching post and moved to Kraków. He was a hard-working person, frequently referred to as a titan of work. In 1902 in Tarnów Cathedral, he married, a 23 year old Wanda Dzikowski, daughter of a Tarnów County doctor, Zbigniew Dzikowski, whom he met during his military service in Przemyśl. After the wedding Szczepanik moved to Tarnów. He spent most of his time in Vienna, where he had his work shop, frequently visited by industrialists from all over Europe. Unfortunately, in 1925 he became ill with liver cancer and on a Sunday afternoon of the 18th of April 1926 he died, at the age of only 54. He left a great body of work. Among his most famous inventions are discoveries in areas such as weaving, television, photography and colored film with sound, fabrics – including invention of a bulletproof fabric. Some of his inventions, influenced the course of history during his lifetime. Jan Szczepanik was buried in a Dzikowski family tomb. Up to now, not many people were aware of this place.