Jan Szczepanik’s house on Sowińskiego street

A tenement house build in 1907 according to plans of Mr. August Tarkowski was the first house owned by the family of Doctor Zygmunt Dzikowski, Jan Szczepanik’s father-in-law, after their move from Przemyśl to Tarnów. The attic was embossed with a woman’s head, depicting owner’s daughter and a later wife of the “Polish Edison” – Wanda Szczepanik. It was in the garret of this house, where Jan Szczepanik developed a method of “fading” which allowed reproduction of photographs in natural colors. The problem of color photography absorbed the inventor’s mind from 1902 almost until the beginning the World War I. He patented several inventions from the area of color photography. Starting in 1907 he lived his life in 3 cities: Tarnów, Vienna and Dresden. Szczepanik experimented with adding color and sound to movies. In 1914 Szczepanik moved to Vienna, in order to escape fights in the Tarnów region. He continued his work on enhancing techniques of recording picture and sound while living in the capital of the Habsburg Monarchy as well as after his return to Tarnów, in his family’s new home on Szopena Street.